LaVar Ball, aka Lonzo’s big mouth dad, has generated many headlines and headscratchers over his incredible boasts.

Perhaps, the biggest brag is that he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one matchup. While MJ has laughed those claims off, it’s left us wondering how good is Ball at basketball? The answer? Not very good.

At a BIG3 event at the Staples Center, Ball’s skills were on display as he faced league co-founder Ice Cube in a one-on-one 4-point challenge.

Ball’s ugly shot did not land whatsoever. He launched more airballs than made 4-pointers. Perhaps, the best part of the video is Ball celebrating a shot he thought went in, that was actually an Ice-Cube basket.

If you can’t beat Ice Cube in a shootout, then sorry Mr. Ball, there’s no chance you could beat the greatest basketball player of all time in a match. This video evidence should be played anytime Ball makes a braggadocios statement about being good at basketball. His son Lonzo may have tremendous potential, but he clearly didn’t get it from Padre.

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