Kendall Jenner might be rebounding in a large way from rapper A$AP Rocky, as TMZ caught the reality star and member of the Kardashian clan – twice this week – with Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin.

Griffin – who’s rumored to have split from Brynn Cameron, the mother of his two children – was spotted outside Los Angeles hotspot WeHo this weekend, after meeting with Jenner at a nightclub earlier in the week. Now, there’s no certifiable evidence the two are an item, but it sure seems that way considering their late-night rendezvous.

A funny caveat in this rumored romance is Jenner rumoredly dated Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons – who battled with Griffin during the DeAndre Jordan free agent saga. Plus, the duo are apparently good friends – as they were caught in a video together this week as well. It’s a loose connection, but interesting nonetheless.

It’s nice Griffin and Jenner might be getting closer, but you just know people are going to scream “Kardashian curse,” as soon as the former has a bad game. Despite the Kardashian family having a thorough history dating NBA stars, that whole idea is complete bullshit.

Let’s hope Griffin’s love life (if that’s what’s going on here) flourishes while he dominates on the court.


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