Evelyn Lozada might not be keeping Carl Crawford around, but reports suggest she’s keeping an incredibly expensive item from the former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder.

The model and Basketball Wives star ended her engagement with Crawford this month. But, TMZ reports she plans on keeping the $1.4 million ring (14.5 karat diamond!!) that was given to her – despite the law suggesting she’s legally obligated to give it back.

“But sources close to Lozada tell us … Crawford ain’t getting it back, period. 

We’re told she’s planning on keeping the ring in a safe and passing it on to her kids one day. And at this point, she’s not expecting Carl to put up a fight.”

Crawford’s made hundreds of millions during his MLB career, but, does that mean he should be forced to give away a costly ring? It’s up for debate.

TMZ reports Lozada ended the engagement over questions of Crawford’s fidelity. If that’s the case, I could understand why Crawford would think, “screw it, just keep it.” However, if Lozada ended things for speculative reasons, Crawford should be able to recoup the ring should he please.

Ah, the crazy lives of athletes and reality stars.


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