When you’re a member of the New England Patriots, life is pretty good. You’re basically guaranteed to make the playoffs and have a decent shot at going to the Super Bowl just about every year. You’re playing for a franchise that’s the envy of everyone else, even if they’re hated by most of those same people. You get first-hand diet advice from Tom Brady, which may be questionable, but it still means you get to talk to him.

Now, you can add one more perk to the list: you fly on your team’s very own 767.

Private team jets and charter flights aren’t anything new but, according to ESPN, the Patriots are the first NFL franchise to own their own aircraft. The team purchased two 767 Boeing wide-body jets this offseason for team use.

The planes have been retrofitted so that every seat is a first-class seat and some of them recline completely. The exterior of the planes includes the Patriots logo while the tail shows off the five Lombardi trophies the team has to their credit.

While it’s unknown how much Bob Kraft paid for the planes, it’s estimated that a brand-new aircraft with the amenities and features involved runs up to $200 million.

According to a spokesperson, the team will use one plane during the season and keep the other one in storage as a backup. It will operate out of Providence, Rhode Island, just in case you want to know where to meet the team following their next big victory away from Foxborough.

The Patriots will also make the planes available to be rented out during the season when the team doesn’t need them. Your dreams of flying to Aruba with Gronk for a weekend getaway just got a little more possible.

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