Nessa just absolutely zinged the Baltimore Orioles and their hesitancy in signing her boyfriend Colin Kaepernick.

The radio host and MTV Girl Code castmember took to Twitter to post a picture of Ray Lewis hugging Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti juxtaposed against a picture from Django Unchained in which Samuel L. Jackson’s character holds onto a deceased slave owner, played by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Now, the picture is funny for two reasons. First of all, the Ravens were rumored to be landing Kaepernick, with reports suggesting coach John Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome were onboard with the idea. However, reports further suggested Bisciotti was the one preventing a deal from getting made. The organization rebuffed the rumor.

Furthermore, Ray Lewis recently interjected his opinion on Kaepernick, which was hypocritical as the former Ravens great suggested he keep what he does off the football field private.

There are those extremely butthurt over the meme, suggesting it’s offensive to compare Bisciotti and Lewis to a fictional slave owner and favorited slave. However, it’s ripe social commentary and parody. Bisciotti ensured Lewis, who continued with the Ravens despite being accused of being involved in a murder, was kept around due to his talent. Lewis meanwhile has constantly defended his owner, likely because he’s indebted to him for keeping his career going. Nessa slashed the jugular. It’s hilarious.

Sure, the pic might not help Kaepernick ultimately land with the Ravens, but at the end of the day, it’s a worthy meme. Bisciotti overlooked Lewis’ alleged transgressions yet is rumored to be blocking Kaep, despite the latter doing nothing wrong. Keep fighting Kaep.


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