JACKSONVILLE, FL – OCTOBER 23: Blake Bortles #5 of the Jacksonville Jaguars is tackled by Bruce Irvin of the Oakland Raiders during the game at EverBank Field on October 23, 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have experimented with Blake Bortles as their quarterback for many years. The results have been mixed-to-bad. The Jaguars have yet to post a winning season and they continue to spin their tires. It isn’t just Jaguars’ fans that have noticed this trend either with Bortles at the helm. Even opposing players are taking shots where they can.

New Orleans Saints’ defensive lineman Cameron Jordan was asked by Sirius XM NFL Radio about whether or not the team’s defense had success against their offense. Jordan decided to roast Blake Bortles in the process of making a point.

It is a pretty bold statement from Jordan. The Saints don’t have the greatest defense in the world. Throwing out shade like this in training camp is only going to be bulletin board fodder. Then again, the Saints and Jaguars have been so middling of late that it doesn’t necessarily matter what is said between the two sides. Mediocrity shaming all around.

See? Even I can get in on the action and throw around insults. The pettiness needs to end and the games need to start. Let the actions on the field do the talking for both sides.

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