Rivalries can get fans blood boiling. In physical sports like football and hockey, fan fights seem to be commonplace. So when the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants faced off, no one was expecting a melee in the stands.

This wasn’t between a fan and another fan though. This was a security guard and a female fan. While background on the incident isn’t readily available, it isn’t a good sign that they took to violence so quickly.

This is obviously a huge issue considering they don’t really have any jurisdiction over anyone. These security guards are hired to keep the peace, not contribute towards the violence.

The A’s were quick to get out ahead of it all by letting it be known that the security guards are from a third party and will be investigated.

They are trying to put the fire out but the fact is, they still hired the company in the first place.

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The Instagram¬†video shows the aftermath of the fight and the police arriving to calm the situation down. Luckily the situation was under control before more people got injured. Regardless, the A’s and this security team are going to be in hot water until this situation gets resolved.

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