Normally, soccer games can go on in rain. But yesterday in Rotterdam, the rain kept coming and coming, so much so that the field ended up becoming like one of the countries most famous canals.

The women’s quarterfinal between Germany and Denmark was supposed to kick at 8:45 local time, though the rain prevented the game from being played at all. At Sparta Stadion, the grounds crew did the best they could to keep the water out, but let’s just say their efforts were futile:

The FINA World Championships in swimming are being held currently in Hungary, though they could easily have been held in Rotterdam in today’s conditions.

And though the brave men and women of the grounds crew braved the elements the best they could to squeegee the pitch, this method might not have been the most effective:

That seems like the wrong way to push all of the water you’re trying to get rid of. And the last thing anyone should have been trying to do on that pitch was kick a ball, but luckily Germany’s manager Steffi Jones was right there to help this poor woman up after she decided to try her luck:

Did anyone else just get flashbacks to the amazing Dolphins-Steelers Monday Night game in 2007 when a ball famously got stuck in the muck?

The game ended up being played at 12 PM local time today, and Denmark upset the six time defending Euro champs Germany 2-1. Thankfully soccer was able to be played, and the pitch did not look like one of Holland’s famous canals for all that long.

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