When you’re a franchise savior, you can’t do anything wrong. Erik Karlsson knows that and is now testing all of his fans.

The Ottawa Senators defenseman posted a photo to Instagram wearing some interesting footwear. The man wore Crocs.

When the lower body doesn’t work you make sure the upper body does.

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As someone with feet, I don’t think I can sign off on this decision. Especially since the shoes look like swiss cheese and look like you can buy them from the Container Store.

Then again, I am not a Norris Trophy winning player and I didn’t play 30 minutes a night during the Stanley Cup playoffs. So Karlsson may have me beat there.

Not to mention, that Karlsson is coming off a broken foot that may be limiting his footwear choices. With more than seventy plus days until the season starts, it is good to see the Swedish defenseman back and training.

The game of hockey is much more boring with him off of the ice. Now to figure out how to get the rest of hockey to be just as fashionable and exciting as Karlsson.

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