Bowling hasn’t ever had its day in the sun. Louisiana State University running back Derrius Guice may change that.

Guice has a unique way that he bowls the ball. Take a look for yourself.

He refers to it as the #GuiceEuro and it somehow works more often than it doesn’t. Guice takes three hops and then unloads the ball onto the lane from behind his back.

After watching it many times over, it still is a pretty huge marvel of strength to flip that ball down the lane as hard as he does.

This isn’t just a one-time accomplishment either, he did it many times over during his time on the bowling lane.

The hashtag apparently comes from the Euro step that you find in basketball. It isn’t a bad imitation either. He isn’t the only one getting in on the action. Others are taking part and trying their best with the #GuiceEuro.

Once people on the PBA tour start doing the #GuiceEuro, I’ll be fully on board with the move. Until then, I’ll stick with my beer on the lanes and the 145 I consistently roll. Just have to remember to keep this move in my back pocket.

[Gridiron Now]

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