Making sure your parents are in the loop is an important part of the game for any athlete. It really doesn’t matter the age.

Carolina Panthers running back/wide receiver Curtis Samuel experienced it first hand when his mother dropped him off on the first day of training camp.

The first day of camp is in Spartanburg, South Carolina at Wofford College. As he began to walk towards the dorm, his mother looked on.

Naturally, the media had a field day and gave Samuel good natured ribbing on Twitter.

Samuel was a star while at Ohio State and has a very good chance to do more of the same with the Panthers. Having your family be involved in your success is a good decision. Letting others take part in the spoils is a fun part of it all.

Although it was a nice moment, there is no doubt going to be even more being said in the locker room. Samuel is going to hear it from his teammates especially since he is the new guy. Tough lesson to learn, rookie.

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