With Chelsea currently on a tour of Asia, winger Kenedy decided to post some offensive videos which got the soccer star in deep trouble.

TMZ captioned the now-deleted videos (above) in which Kenedy posted the phrase “Porra China,” which roughly translates to “fuck China.” In another post, Kenedy took a picture of a sleeping security guard with the caption “Acorda China Vacilao,” which translates to “Wake up China you idiot.”

Chelsea wasn’t thrilled with Kenedy’s comments, sending him home and issuing a statement saying he was “strongly reprimanded and disciplined.”

Kenedy apologized on Instagram, admitting his comments were inappropriate and that he was sorry for tweeting them.

“It was never my intention to insult or offend anyone at all…” I call bullshit.

It’s all a little too late for Kenedy.

Making those comments in the first place is unacceptable and the fact he thought it was ok to share them on his high-profile social media accounts is dumbfounding. What did he expect to happen?

Good on Chelsea for acting quickly and sending Kenedy packing. It sends the message that comments like that shouldn’t ever be spoken. Hopefully, Kenedy’s learned from his mistake and keeps his dumbass remarks to himself.


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