Klay Thompson, despite his success, is still somewhat underrated. The Golden State Warriors shooting guard is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA and is an elite defender. It should come to no surprise Thompson’s athletic ability extends well beyond basketball. For instance, he can also play some Dodgeball.

Check out this gallery of Thompson playing some dodgeball stateside. There’s video of his throw, which is honestly quite impressive. Although, that’s in no way shocking.

Dodgeball Playoffs @klaythompson?! Another ?let’s go!!! ??

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Kudos to other players for playing with him. I had enough problems in high school, I can’t imagine a professional athlete throwing dodgeballs at you. But, on the flip side, it would feel great to eliminate Thompson from a game. That’s a story you could brag about forever – if accomplished.

Thompson is a big fan of dodgeball.

Back in 2014, he shared his admiration for the volleyball scene from the Adam Sandler classic Billy Madison.

So, it appears Thompson drew inspiration from the flick. Let’s hope he didn’t do like Billy and nail a bunch of kids with dodgeballs. Thankfully, his game appears to be adults only.

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