Doomfist is coming to Overwatch in just over a week. Before his release, Blizzard has dropped a new comic detailing the newest characters background with the evil anti-Overwatch Talon group.

In the comic (written by Michael Chu), Doomfist is brief about the failed assassination attempt on Katya Volskaya – featured in Sombra’s short “Infiltration.” Doomfist isn’t displeased Volskaya wasn’t taken down, instead, preaching the value of her usefulness. Furthermore, he applauds Sombra’s ambition for her extracurricular activity.

However, when Reaper gives him the status report on which Overwatch members are still active, Doomfist questions whether he hasn’t killed Soldier 76 or Ana because of his past connections to them.

Then, the fun kicks in.

Doomfist and Widowmaker team-up James Bond style and visit a casino, where the former compliments the sharpshooter on her work in London (referenced in the short “Alive“). The two are soon introduced to Maximilien, a shady, yet powerful-looking Omnic. The trio discusses Doomfists time in prison and the progress the Talon’s have made with him behind bars. Maximilien assets his power, yet admits he’s happy to see Doomfist back, despite reservations among Talon.

The duo spot a group entering the casino and leave immediately – but not before kicking some serious ass.

Fast forward to Venice, Windowmaker is seen picking off a new target.

We’re shown a ton of potential new skins coming to the game. Including a Harley Quinn-esque Sombra.

A terrifying old-timey Reaper outfit with an awesome skull.

Doomfist even sports a new get-up.

After taking out everyone inside, Doomfist meets with another Talon operative. After a discussion about profits and how the new characters prison stay helped the organization, Doomfist is told he’s no longer part of Talon. Of course, he doesn’t take that well throwing his counterpart off of a building.

Doomfist and Reaper return to Talon HQ, where Maximilien and a couple unfamiliar faces also sit. Doomfist takes off his puffy hat and states “we have a war to start.”

It’s another great look at the Overwatch universe and its newest character. Once a top-force within Talon, Doomfist wasn’t going to let the new people in charge strongarm him (pun!) out of power. Instead, he put the power into his own hand. That’s pretty rad. He’s an intimidating force and should be an excellent addition to the game and lore.

As mentioned above, it’s also cool to see potential new skins for the game. As someone with all the Reaper skins unlocked so far, I can’t wait to try to grab the new one as it might be his most intimidating version yet.

So, get ready for Doomfist. Launching July 27th, he’s sure to pack a brand new punch into a near-perfect game. I am very excited.

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