Being a fan of the Edmonton Eskimos has never been better, at least for a couple who won big in a 50-50 contest.

Per’s Darren Rovell, Quentin & Samantha Ebertz put $20 into the CFL team’s 50-50 event and walked away with a cash prize of $435,919.50 CAD. That’s almost $350,000 USD. Plus, there’s no tax on prizes in Canada.

That’s a pretty damn fine return on investment.

The money couldn’t have gone to a more loyal fan of the Eskies, as the Ebertz have been season-ticket holders since 2005 and were even engaged at an Edmonton Eskimos game.

In an interview with Rovell, the duo said they had to triple-check the ticket to make sure they actually won.

“I knew we had the first three digits, and then I checked the rest,” he said. “I double- and triple-checked it and realized we won.”

“The door hit the wall when he walked in,” Samantha recalled. “And I saw that he was holding the ticket in his hand and I saw the look on his face and said, ‘No way.'”

Even at the Canadian rate, that’s a lot of extra cash. Considering how big fans of the Eskimos the Ebertz are, maybe they’ll pop some cash on season tickets for the rest of time. They can certainly afford it now.


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