The Portland Trail Blazers either really wanted to troll Lonzo Ball or are keen on keeping us informed on forward Jake Layman’s shoe choice.

Ahead of the NBA Summer League finals matchup between the Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers, Portland took to Twitter to post a photo of Layman’s Adidas kicks.

The post is a clear troll on Lonzo Ball and his ongoing shoe drama. Over the course of the Summer League, the Lakers second overall pick has changed his shoes frequently, likely in an effort to get the attention of shoe companies. Along with his performance, Ball’s shoes have been the talk of the Summer League which is silly – which is kind of the Blazers point.

Jake Layman isn’t a top draft pick (he was a second round draft choice, 47th overall in 2016) and averaged 2.2 points per game on 29 percent shooting. What I’m saying is Layman isn’t a much-hyped youngster like Lonzo Ball. He’s an athletic, bench player for the Blazers – which makes the most that much better.

Nice kicks Jake. Maybe the Blazers posting his shoe choice will shift some of the attention away from Lonzo and onto him. I highly doubt that will happen, but I’m all aboard the Jake Layman hype train. Let’s get that rolling.

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