Carmelo Anthony remains the subject of Instagram posts from rival players – but, for good reason.

Less than a week after the frustrated New York Knicks star was photoshopped into a Houston Rockets jersey by Nene, Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum got into the action.

On his personal account, McCollum shared a photoshopped version of Carmelo wearing – you guessed it – a Portland Trail Blazers uniform. Bonus points to McCollum for finding a good Photoshop to court the Knicks star.

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McCollum is acting real thirsty here to get Carmelo in a Blazers uniform. But, the rumor of Melo heading to the Western Conference underachievers (at least last season) has some legs.

Adrian Wojnarowski of reports the Blazers are interested in making a deal for Anthony. He wrote the Blazers are hoping to make a deal for the former All-Star if Carmelo is interested in waiving his no-trade clause to make it happen. There’s still healthy competition with the Houston Rockets to bring Carmelo to the Western Conference, but, the Blazers do have the assets to make a deal work.

Perhaps, McCollum’s Instagram post will become a reality, even if Portland isn’t the sexiest destination for Anthony.

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