Former Ohio State and current Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Adolphus Washington was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Cincinnati, Ohio and the video of his arrest has just been released.

The video is intense, terrifying and will leave a pit in the middle of your stomach while watching it. This is a situation that could have gone very, very wrong.

Bob Strickley of had the original info of the incident in question:

“According to a Sharonville police report, Washington around 10 p.m. Sunday ‘reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle; just feet away from officers. The suspect did not inform officers beforehand.”

The incident took place in the parking lot of a water park and police were called to the scene to disperse the crowd.

One exchange between Washington and an officer in the video was especially chilling as they both were coming to terms with the reality of what just happened.

“I’m not trying to shoot anyone out here.” said the arresting officer. Washington replied, “I’m not trying to get shot.” At one point later on, in the video, the cop says to Washington, “You don’t know how lucky you are buddy.”

This isn’t Washington’s first run in with the law as he was arrested before for soliciting a prostitute in Columbus, Ohio.

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