When he’s not rapping or beefing with Nicki Minaj, Drake or [insert name here], Meek Mill is making friends in high places.

The Philadelphia-born rapper recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in which he’s sporting Kraft’s illustrious Super Bowl LI ring.

Champions of the United States of America!

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Personally, my first thought on seeing the snap was “isn’t Meek an Eagles fan?” Well, apparently not.

Despite his Philly-roots, the Eagles appeared to take Drake’s side in the two rapper’s notorious feud, bumping “Back to Back,” at practices amidst all of the drama. So, Meek Mill appears to be a Patriots supporter for good reason.

Sidenote: It’s bizarre how trusting Robert Kraft is with his Super Bowl Rings considering he’s got documented history of losing them. Back in 2005, Kraft went on a business trip to Russia where he let President Vladimir Putin hold his ring. Famously, Putin liked the ring so much, he never gave it back. In this case, Meek Mill isn’t nearly as threatening as Putin, so I’m sure he wasn’t as worried.

Sidenote to the sidenote: Funny enough, Putin’s mentioned on the TV behind Meek Mill and Kraft.

The Super Bowl ring represents winning big. Following all his constant drama, Meek could use some of that good luck. With his third studio album dropping in two weeks, time will tell if wearing the jewel-incrusted ring will rub off on Meek Mill. Either way, it must have felt cool to wear it.



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