The Ball family is staying in the public eye, although this time it has nothing to do with basketball or stupid expensive shoes.

Lonzo and LaMelo Ball are staying in a Las Vegas mansion as Lonzo plays in the NBA Summer League for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lonzo, one of the most hyped prospects to come to L.A. in a long time, has a lot on his plate as he hopes to impress Lakers brass while in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the younger LaMelo is a highly touted player who scored 92 points in a game this past season. Still, despite their basketball talent, they’re still teenagers and like to have fun.

Lonzo and LaMelo had a good old fashion water balloon fight. It’s everything you’d expect (and much more) from a water balloon brawl. Balloons were thrown at point blank range with ketchup being administered all over the place – all while bikini clad ladies are running around.

It wasn’t all madness as at one point the younger LaMelo had a pillowcase in his hand and decided to think better of hitting someone with it.

This is about as crazy as it can get for the two underage guys in Las Vegas. Fun has to fit somewhere into the equation, right?


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