Darren Rovell often marches to the beat of his own drum. Sometimes, that drum is severely offbeat. Case in point? His Instagram activity.

On Sunday, Rovell randomly showed up in the comment section of Ayesha Curry. The popular Food Network star and wife of Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry posted about her gardening success and how it had become a form of therapy for her. A harmless, self-motivational post.

How did Rovell respond?

“Damn girl, you got an Audrey II Venus Flytrap up in that backyard, too?” 


For those wondering what an Audrey II Venus Flytrap is, it’s the name of the plant antagonist from the Little Shop of Horrors musical/film. In those productions, Audrey II requires the blood of humans to survive. Make of that as you will.

Reference aside, I don’t know if Rovell was trying to be cool or hip with his verbiage, but the “damn girl” and “up in that backyard,” is hilariously Rovellian. Both are outdated phrases that were used in the early 2000s. Mixing them in with a reference to a beloved 80’s musical is weird.

What is Rovell’s goal here? Is he trying to seem cool? capture the attention of Curry? Is it an inside joke? It’s entirely unclear. What is clear however is, Rovell, per usual, takes the L here. Let Curry have her motivation without including comments that, at best, are confusingly weird.

Rovell gonna Rovell.

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