Don’t play if you’re scared to lose, n00bz.

It’s pretty obvious that athletes tend to be a competitive bunch; after all, it’s one of those driving forces that got them to where they are, right? Sometimes that spirit comes off in places outside of the court/field/lava pit, as was the case for one Mr. Hassan Whiteside.

The Miami Heat center apparently was in the zone on NBA 2K when his opponent decided to check out early, prompting the seven footer to go on quite the tall rampage. Also potentially funny is Whiteside’s choice in tech, as we wonder why a man who recently signed a max deal with Miami is playing on a TV less than half his height. He’s definitely an interesting guy.

Also also: he went crazy.

Speaking of Miami, did you hear that Dwyane Wade has left his former Heat to head home to Chicago? We’ve got a bit about it in the deck below.


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Photo: SB Nation