If you pick Oddjob, we’re totally not friends anymore.

If there was ever a decade that changed gaming the most, it had to be the ’90s. During that time, Mario was suddenly 3D, you could suddenly capture a bunch of monsters on a tiny screen, and everyone and their mom was blaming Doom for real-life violence. It was a crazy few years that would lay the foundation for the modern gaming world we have today.

In August 1997, Nintendo released GoldenEye 007 for their 64-bit system, a game that would help to push first-person and multiplayer gaming to the forefront of the industry. It was a huge hit, as kids cluttered into living rooms with four controllers, desperate to shoot each other down with likes of your favorite James Bond characters in blocky form. And now it seems that somehow has recreated the experience in and updated, unofficial form with GoldenEye: Source.

GoldenEye Gif

As reported The Verge, GoldenEye: Source has been i development for 10 years, and has actually been available throughout its development. For the first time in three years, however, the game received a major update, and has fair amount of content available, with 10 different modes available across 25 maps recreated from the original.

GoldenEye Source Knife

The game runs on Valve’s Source engine, responsible for hits such as Half-Life 2 and Counterstrike, and looks damn good for anyone who wants to give it a nostalgic whirl. It appears, however, that there is no plans to develop a single player experience as well.

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