The internet reactions have begun.

Regardless of whether you enjoyed it or not, Man of Steel was a big movie for DC, as it became the basis for the universe that brought us Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The alien boy scout’s coming out party was full of intense battles, deep meditations on the use of power, and Kevin Costner grimacing at everyone, all while raking it in at the box office.

Man of Steel_Kevin Kostner

It’s no surprise, then, that Warner Bros. would announce the development of Man of Steel 2, as reported by The Wrap. It’s also no surprise that fans would head to Twitter to share a multitude of reactions to said announcements, from excitement to anger to tips and tricks on how to make the movie THEY want, not anyone else. After all, it only really matters what one guy thinks, right one guy? You tell ’em.

Check the deck below to see some of our favorite reactions so far. As of this posting, there is no set release date for Man of Steel 2.


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Photos: The Wrap, Lacan Online