So Jared Leto is pretty much just the Joker full-time, right?

Have you heard of a little movie called Suicide Squad? We might have talked about it. Maybe just a few times. One of the most promising characters throughout all of the trailers has to be the Joker, the psychotic prince of clowns who’s legacy continues with Jared Leto. Although the movie is complete, however, it seems the spirit of the Joker has yet to leave Mr. Leto behind.

Jared showed up on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon bearing a gift for Jimmy from “the Joker,” according to the actor in the third person. Also in attendance: Jared Leto’s completely awesome sweater.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.14.54 AM


We won’t spoil the gift for you; we’ll just say that it’s just a little crazy, and Jimmy isn’t exactly excited to have it, though we’re sure he wouldn’t show too much anger for fear of upsetting Jared Leto while the crazy still runs through his veins. They also had a little as to why the Joker is really just misunderstood, as explain by Mr. Leto himself.

Sounds something the Joker would say, indeed. If you haven’t seen the awesome profile shots that EW did a while back for the “heroes” of Suicide Squad, hit the deck below to see them and get excited.