Do you believe in the hype?

Summer 2016 was quite busy for the University of Michigan. From the rebooting of one of their biggest rivalries to professional awesome guy Coach Jim Harbaugh showing up in a rap video, the Wolverines has been on a lot of minds and media. So why not cap it off with a hype video for their newest gear?

U of M finally released their new uniforms and look which, as reported by SB Nation, will be the first program of its kind to be fully geared by the Jordan brand, whose iconic Jumpman symbol will mark everything from football jerseys to all types of shoes.

So what do you think? Looking sharp, or is there too many tiny basketball guys all over everything? Either way, the push of the Wolverine legend continues. And for more uniform fun, check the deck below to see which old school basketball uniforms we think should be brought back.


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