From striker to gamer.

Wendell Lira is kind of not bad at soccer. In 2015, the Brazilian striker received the FIFA Puskás Award, an honor bestowed on the player- male or female- who scored the most beautiful goal during that particular year.

He’s also had a decently-long career, having started in his first professional game in 2007. It appears, however, that Lira has decided to cut that career short in order to pursue another one: professional gaming.

As reported by Fox Sports, Lira has decided that his future lies in eSports, the growing professional gaming trend that covers everything from League of Legends to Tetris, probably. His game of choice appears to be- surprise, surprise- FIFA Soccer, as he has already beaten previous Interactive World Cup winner Abdulaziz Alshehri in a smashing 6 to 1.

So, just to recap: Wendell Lira left behind a professional sports career- something man of us have dreamed about- to pursue a professional eSports career- something many of us have dreamed about. A better man than the lot of us? Most likely.

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