Summer’s still heating things up.

Summer 2016 (or Summa ’16, as Drake might say) will be known as a hot one. Heat and humidity combined make for people who usually do one of two things: either hide in the AC, or hit the beach to cool off.

If you didn’t like the idea of staying home and hiding from our all-powerful sun, how ready were you to show off the goods? Sure, it’s a vanity thing, but it can also be a symbol of pride and how hard you are willing to work, which should never be frowned upon unless that person talking about “hard work” is any of the Kardashians.

Instagram’s #BeachBody is a great example of that. In between all the hard bodies and expert level of camera angles, there are people who pushed themselves in one sense or another to do something different, and that should be applauded above all else. Maybe it can even give you some thought to what you want to work hard on.

And, even if you don’t agree, a lot of them are still fun to look at. Check the deck below as we head off to enjoy another slice of pizza.