Warren Sapp – the beastly gift that keeps on giving.

Oh, Warren Sapp – how do you keep being so interesting? From his hall of fame career in the NFL, to his insane commentary and coverage of the league after his retirement, Sapp has continued to captivate us. And now, according to The Tampa Bay Times, he’s gone lobstering and was bitten by a shark? Seriously?

The Instagram account of Two Conchs Charter even snapped a photo of the (not-so) big bite. Warning: it’s only slightly graphic:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.21.06 AM

That looks fun.

Warren Sapp, ever the tough man who’s more accustomed to being the attacker of quarterbacks, took it in stride. We’re guessing he was probably more focused on the lobster than some silly fish with teeth and anger issues. Lobster is, after all, very delicious.

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Photo (cover): BSN Denver