We loved them all. How about you?

Comic Con 2016 was quite the treat for fans of all things pop culture. Plenty of people dressed as different Deadpool renditions and other cosplayers lined up to get a sampling of the latest on super heroes, television, and Chris Pratt’s super charming face.

One of the biggest traditions of Comic Con, however, has been teasers and trailers for movies on the horizon. This year was no exception, as previews of the newest comic-based movies were joined by the likes of horror movies and fantastical creatures (and the location of them, apparently). Also, we get LEGO Batman kicking people.

giphy (24)

Collected below are all of the trailers released- in no particular order- because we want to know: which one is your favorite? Are you still riding the hype train of Suicide Squad (which we’ve covered before)? Does the new Blair Witch preview chill your blood? Or can you truly appreciate Sam Jackson appearing in what looks to be his 7,000th film? Check the deck below and tell us what you think.