Faster than a speeding cartoonist.

When it comes to true speed these days, no other name comes close to Usain Bolt. The Jamaican track star has won quite the few honors, from World Championships to Olympic gold, and he always seems to do so with a smile. But was it always like that? Has Bolt always been having so much fun running faster than any other man in the world?

Gatorade has answered that question with the most adorable animated video, simply called The Boy Who Learned To Fly. It’s created by Moonbot Studios, the amazing artists behind other popular shorts such as Chipotle’s The Scarecrow.


The short animates the early life of Usain, finding the love of his sport in his poor upbringing and questioning what it means to him. Part of Gatorade’s For the Love Of Sports campaign, which we’ve previously covered, the short is beautiful and shows a deeper side of the charismatic sprinter. Basically, it’s got the impact of a Pixar film in only an eighth of the time.

giphy (23)

It also has one of our favorite things from animated films: kids with tiny legs. Look at those things! They’re like toothpicks. How could you not love it? Good work, Gatorade, and thanks again for bringing us Todd Gurley, Matt Stafford, and fancy ping pong.

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