Twitter is definitely having fun with this one.

What’s your take on Taylor Swift? Whether you enjoy her music, think she’s probably terrible at relationships, or aren’t even sure what a “swift taylor” actually is, she’s kind of a big thing. She has a rabid fanbase, but there have always been a growing party of folks who aren’t particularly found of her. That latter party, it seems, got louder and stronger with #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty on Twitter. But what the hell is that all about?

The short of the long is essentially this: after her break-up with music mega producer Calvin Harris, Taylor and her team revealed that she wrote Harris’s hit with Rihanna This Is What You Came For, after Harris said he didn’t see any future collaborations. Harris wasn’t happy about this, and exposed it all on Twitter. Thus, Twitter went wild for Calvin’s revelations, and anti-Taylor fans brought the funny. Got it? Got it.

The deck below contains some of our favorite reactions from the social network, showing the endless creativity and amount memes to be found there. Regardless of your feelings about her and her music, these reactions are definitely worth a chuckle or two.


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Photo: Ok! Magazine