Before there was controversy, there was this crap.

No matter how good or bad a movie (and even video games) is, the guys over at Screen Junkies will be there to tear it apart with Honest Trailers. They’re good at what they do, with their deep-voice announcer laying the jokes nice and thick. It’s funny, but always relevant, as no one can escape their wrath.

With all the controversy surrounding the reboot (filled with loud ladies and Kobe Bryant, apparently), the boys released their take on Ghostbusters 2, the not-so-great sequel that already dragged the franchise down. Nothing is safe from Mr. Deep-Voice, as everyone involved and every part of the plot are fair game. It’s definitely worth a little watch, if only to remind you that the Ghostbusters have already been on hard times before.

giphy (20)

If you want to see more fun with people tearing up popular movie franchises, check the deck below to see fans trying to figure out the plot to Space Jam 2.