Diabetes is best when it’s free, kids. Remember that.

7/11 is notable for two major things: 1) It’s a date and 2) It’s a store. Oh, and it’s Lil Kim’s birthday, so that’s interesting.

Since 7/11 the store is super aware and pretty fun, they’re fans of celebrating the day of their namesake with the most 7/11 thing possible: free slurpees, man’s sugary defiance against the nature of yum and happiness. The slurpee has been around for 50 years (side note: holy hell, they’re old) and have been putting smiles on the faces of the young and old alike. Who thought that ice, sugar, and syrup would make the world such a better place?

Twitter, of course, had to celebrate wth #FreeSlurpeeDay, and the world went nuts. For some of our favorite fan posts, check the deck below. Here’s to another 50 years of kids getting brain freeze and stomach aches at the same time!