We won’t judge if you use alcohol a bit more, though.

Summer is just best. Sure, it may be hotter than hell itself in some regions of the world, but that just means beach time! And pool parties! And ladies in swimsuits (we’ll get to that later)!

For as fun as most activities are during the hottest time of the year, there are always ways to make it even more fun. Enter the Youtube channel HouseholdHacker, whose videos are dedicated to making life simpler and more fun in unexpected ways. Their newest video gives you the details on how to liven up your summer, from the best way to freeze your Ice Pops (major key) to building a floaty cooler to keep your beers and relationship standards ice cold.

They seem to have it all figured out, but where’s the fashion tips or clothing hacks? Until we get an answer there, check the deck below to see some of our favorite people who celebrated #NationalBikiniDay this year on Twitter.