Good work, Brock. Now, everyone back away slowly before he eats more of us.

In case you hadn’t heard, UFC 200 happened with a bang. Lots of craziness happened: Meisha Tate lost, Daniel Cormier was booed for his hard work, and beautiful women carried round cards.


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The biggest fight of the night, however, had to be returning WWE star Brock Lesnar defeating Mark Hunt by unanimous decision. The Beast Incranate as he known in the squared-circle is simply inhuman in terms of his athleticism, with strength, speed, and size all available for his destruction of others.

After his win, however, Lesnar had a moment to talk with Joe Rogan (courtesy of UFC’s Youtube Channel), and showed more emotion and patriotism than most would probably expect from a man who probably fights bears as a side gig. He seemed humble and grateful for his opportunity to maul someone else, and gave the people even more to cheer about as he called out the troops who serve our nation. It was a pretty great moment, one that almost makes you forget that it’s coming from a red-face bulldozer made of muscles and explosions.

And if you’re still craving some more UFC madness from Mr. Lesnar, check the deck below to see just a few of other great fights from the past.


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