Fans have a billion different options at the fingertips to bet on sporting events. From mobile apps to websites to sitting at a Sports Book in Vegas, ballsy fans can bet on just about everything at any moment. However, they can’t always bet on everything in real time with tremendous ease.

ringit! is the innovative love child of US-based gambling and lottery company International Game Technology (IGT) and mobile fantasy sports developer iPro.

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The new app will be exclusively available on IGT-owned Lottomatica Italian sports betting platform, where bettors can wager on countless in-game items, such as the following for soccer:

  • Who will take corner kicks?
  • Which players will be issued red or yellow cards?
  • Who will score next?

“We’re tremendously excited to add ringit! to the Lottomatica sports betting portfolio,” said Fabrizio Virtuani, Lottomatica’s senior vice president digital and betting.

With daily fantasy sports companies still battling compliance and governance issues, there is a chance DFS players could see their obsession interrupted with unexpected rules and regulations. ringit! is dubbed the “future of gaming” by iPro founder and chief executive Robert Melendres, remains 100 percent compliant in every city, state, territory and country worldwide.

“The real-time gameplay featured in ringit! is absolutely magical,” added Melendres “ringit!’s innovative gameplay sets it apart, but the flexibility of the platform is our key to success.”

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