The thing that has always kept me from being a full on cord cutter has been my love of sports. I love watching live sports and that’s been the one thing that I haven’t been able to cobble together with a recipe of Netflix and Hulu monthly subscriptions. In fact, my wife and I have canceled our cable a couple of times after just not believing how much we were paying each month. But inevitably, once football season started, we would go crawling back to our high priced master.

For years I had friends telling me about Sling TV. I didn’t really get it at first. I thought it was one of those things where I could only watch TV from my laptop and the picture quality would be terrible. I’m not sure why I never looked into it. Recently though, thanks to my new friends at Sling TV I actually tried the service for the first time. I had no idea that Sling worked with my phone and that I could pipe it into other services I’m already using like Apple TV. And during my Sling TV trial, I had one of those life changing use cases that make me want to be team Sling TV forever:

My daughter had a volleyball tournament on the absolute worst possible day. Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The only thing I wanted to do was watch LeBron bring that championship to the great people of Northeast Ohio. I love my daughter and her love for volleyball, but c’mon this was Game 7! Realizing that I would be road tripping home from the volleyball tournament right when the game was tipping off I just figured I was doomed. But my lovely wife reminded me of the Sling TV trial and said she would drive and that I should try to see if I could watch the game from my phone. I was skeptical. But as I watched LeBron drive on Draymond Green from my iPhone, from the passenger’s seat I felt like my whole world had changed. Sling TV to the rescue.

Thanks to Sling TV I am truly running out of reasons not to finally cut the cord and save myself $200 a month. Not only will Sling keep me in front of live games but it also has all of my favorites like Comedy Central and BET as well as Nick Jr. and Disney for the kids. And if you’re an Apple TV user you can prepay for 3 months of Sling and get Apple TV for $89 (normally $149).