Here he comes.

Kevin Durant heading to the Golden State Warriors is kind of a big deal. Blogs like Uproxx are already talking about how the Warriors have destroyed a major threat to their legacy. Some are excited, some are upset, while some are probably just hungry and could use a sandwich. Behind all of the media hype and excitement, though, one has to wonder: how’s Durant dealing with all of this?

It’s refreshing then, that Golden State own Youtube Channel got a chance to catch-up with the small forward in this quick, quiet interview as he arrives to Oracle Arena. There’s no major pressure for him to answer heavy questions, no one trying to get a rise out of the future Hall of Famer; it’s just Kevin riding in a car, answering a few questions. It’s worth a few of your minutes to have a quick look.

And hey, if you craving some more NBA moves and trades info, check the deck below to see a bit about the Dwyane Wade move to Chicago.


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