Wonder what magic spell would get him out of this one.

It’s always hard for some actors to shake off their biggest roles; Jaleel White will always be known as Steve Urkel, while Seth MacFarlane will always be “guy who does the voice of not-that-funny character” man. Daniel Radcliffe, however, is looking to not be one of them.

The Harry Potter series was a worldwide phenomenon, with Radcliffe’s portrayal of the young wizard being seen by more people than your mom’s bedroom, so it’s always fascinating to see him popping up in other things. His newest film, Imperium, is his latest attempt to alter his public notoriety, as he plays an FBI agent going undercover with the Neo-Nazi movement.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.01.53 AM

It looks to be one of those decent end-of-summer thrillers, but the jokes can’t be avoided- Harry Potter has joined the KKK. Radcliffe’s young, nubile face (sorry) just can’t get him away from his biggest hit, but that’s probably not as big of a problem as one would think. Still, we’ll be waiting around to hear the next few rounds of Harry Potter fan fiction that line up with this one.

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