Looking good, ladies. Looking good.

Chicago is a great city. If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and take a trip to Windy City, with its beautiful buildings, fun atmosphere, and Italian Beefs from Portillo’s (seriously, they’re that good). There’s a reason why Kanye became so “interesting” once he was Famous (pun intended) – he had to leave Chicago for too long.

One of Chicago’s other great attractions, however, has always been the ladies; a thriving city with countless women who are on another level. Twitter’s new trend #ChicagoGirlsBreakTheInternet is here to show just that, as Chi Town’s finest give you a taste of the city’s population. Check the deck below to see some of our favorites, and check Twitter to see the girls taking over for yourself. In the mean time, we’ll be wondering what city will take over next – maybe New York, or even Kalamazoo, Michigan.



Photo: Youtube