RiRi’s bringing the epic sounds to the latest Star Trek Beyond trailer. Engage!

In 2009, J.J. Abraham’s brought back the epic tales of the Starship Enterprise with Star Trek, a new series of movies taking place in a slightly different universe. Going with a new take while still paying homage to the original – complete with epic space battles, interesting plot lines, and the occasional alien sexing – it was a fresh start for the classic series. This year brings us to the third film, Star Trek Beyond, hoping to keep boldly going where no man has gone before.

For the newest trailer, Kirk and crew have brought along the vocal chops of Rihanna, who might just be a sexy alien herself; there’s no way she’s of this world, right? The trailer is pretty epic, but it makes you wonder if the song will have a bigger role in the film, or was it just brought along to push the hype. You be the judge.

giphy (16)

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