Do they even have ice in the Outback?

Wayne Gretzky will always be synonymous with hockey and the NHL. One of the greatest players to ever grace an ice rink, he’s had many accomplishments throughout his life, from medals to cups to an extremely attractive daughter. His time with the LA Kings, however, will always be credited for inspiring a larger following from California. Now, the retired superstar seems to have his sights on a new territory: Australia.

NHL.com reported that Gretzky will be taking part in an exhibition game to raise awareness for the StopConcussions Foundation. The 4-on-4 game takes place before the Wayne Gretzky Ice Hockey Classic, an exhibition match between the U.S. and Canada.

As seen with warmer places like California and Florida, hockey knows no bounds, despite it’s necessity for ice and at least one person complaining about not wearing a heavy enough jacket. It’s also great to see Gretzky out promoting the thing he loves, the sport responsible for his lovely home and, again, lovely daughter.




Photo: ABC