Some people just have more fun than others.

If there ever was a Youtube channel that could brighten up your day, it has to be The Slo Mo Guys. With over 100 different videos and counting, these guys have taken one of man’s greatest creations (next to silly putty and whiskey, of course) and used to answer life’s most important open question: “What does it look like when ______ explodes in slow motion?”

In the video above, the boys have taken on one of their more obscure projects in the form of spray paint cans at 2500 frames per second. Its not exactly something anyone asked them to do, but, once you’ve watched the video for yourself, you’ll be glad they did.

giphy (15)


Paint isn’t the only art form The Slow Mo Guys have taken on, as they have a pretty extensive history with a multitude of different ammo types. Check the deck below to find some of our favorites.