Advice from experience.

The 2016 NBA Draft hasn’t even occurred as of this writing, but many are already claiming Ben Simmons is up first. The former LSU Forward is a big man with big game, and has been told the 76ers want him for sure. At this point, though, who will guide the NBA newest prospect? Look no further than a bunch of old guys.

In the newest ad from Footlocker, Simmons gets a bit of knowledge in the form of “veterans” Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and D’Angelo Russell, three players who clearly have a wealth of experience on basketball’s grandest stage. It’s a great time seeing some of the NBA’s newest Superstars taking time out to help the next line as well, especially Karl-Anthony when he’s not playing streetball. Let’s just hope they can heed their own advice as well.

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