It’s the picture we don’t need, but deserve. We think.

Tandem bicycles are great. They make any situation seem more fun or ridiculous than it could’ve been without one. See people on a tandem bike? They’re probably smiling. See someone not smiling on a tandem bike? It’ll still make you smile, dammit. Tandem bikes are basically the Corgis of the transportation world- adorable, and hard not to love.

What’s better than a tandem bike, though? How about NFL coaches and brothers-in-sweaters Rex and Rob Ryan riding a tandem bike? BEHOLD:

Thanks to Jonah Bronstein via his friend Rob Smyton, we have this masterpiece to witness. How could anyone not love that photo? Two large, loud brothers, known for the professional football antics, enjoying a summer day on a bicycle built for two. Just wonderful.


Photo: NY Daily News