This is why we can’t have nice things, people.

The weekend’s upon us, so what better way than to celebrate with National Flip-Flop Day? You know, those super chill little shoes that aren’t really shoes, allowing you to show off your Hello Kitty nail job. They’re the most relaxed form of footwear outside of sneakers made of marijuana, so no one can be angry about them, right? Well…

Twitter has made its way into celebrating with #NationalFlipFlopDay, and you’d think it would be the most chill hashtag ever. With even Target trying to make people friends who shouldn’t, there’s no way flip-flops can be angry. Some people decided, however, that flip-flops are more of a political shoe,  using the hashtag as a platform to dump on their least favorite candidate, party, etc. It takes a bit of the fun out of it all.

Check the deck below to watch the transition from “Fun In The Sun” to “Trump/Hillary Sucks Blah Blah Blah.” And remember, kids – let’s keep the flip-flops out of the political landscape and the on beach where they belong, ya hear?