Kevin Love is a member of the Cavaliers’ Big Three, but one Cavaliers fan is so fed up with him that he set up a GoFundMe in an attempt to bribe Love to sit out Game 6.

Giles Debenham from Bay Village, OH set up the GoFundMe fundraiser with a whopping goal of 10 million dollars. There’s no doubt that Love is a high caliber player, but there have been rumblings from a lot of folks besides Debenham that the Cavs would be better off with Love on the bench.

The Cavs were able to win Game 3 in decisive fashion with Kevin Love sidelined due to concussion protocol, but then lost Game 4 when Love returned. In Game 5 the Cavs were back to their winning ways with Love barely contributing with 1-5 shooting in 33 mins of play.

Despite all this, Love will start Game 6. Unless of course Debenham can considerably beef up his GoFundMe above where it currently sits at the time of this post at $40.