Open your eyes.

The name Nintendo is usually synonymous with two things: a chubby, mustachioed guy with some overalls and a red hat, and feminine, point-eared guy in tights in a green hat.  So, weird fashion choices, mainly.

While Mario (the mustache guy, in case you weren’t aware) tends to get a lot of screen time on Nintendo’s machines, Link (the feminine guy; keep up, people) tends to be more of a rarity.  Though he appears in fewer games, however, this scarcity tends to be simply because each game is superbly crafted and excellently executed. If the new E3 trailer is any indication, then his newest adventure, Breath of the Wild, will be no different.

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Running on Nintendo’s Wii U and unreleased NX console, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks beautiful, showing a graphical quality and art design unlike any other Zelda title. The gameplay and combat looks amazing as well, introducing new tools and weapons for Link to tackle his newest journey with.

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It also has voice acting, apparently, which is a rarity for a game with a silent protagonist (minus his… um, “grunting”). The game still has some time for work before it’s release, but, for now, it appears we better be set for another epic adventure.