We tend to forget sometimes just how much love and dedication big accomplishments take.

Learning an instrument, perfecting your painting technique, discovering how to perfectly make fart noises with you hands; these are all skills that take time and effort to master. In a clever concept, Gatorade’s newest commercial gives us a little reminder of how much love some of our favorite athletes have put into their crafts to get where they are today.

Bringing together the likes of Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Paul George, and April Ross, the commercial shows off the top tier performers being adorably cheered on by their younger selves, before they were as capable “to do the thing” and “score the point,” as one does. It’s a fun concept, but also a great reminder of just how much love and time has gone into developing their athletic prowess.

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The ad is also a big part of Gatorade’s new “For the Love of Sport” campaign, which includes limited edition bottles for each athlete as well as a “unique cause donation initiative,” allowing fans to vote for which sports-related organization Gatorade should donate to on their behalf. There are 19 different organizations involved, all looking to help our future athletes get their game on in a big way.

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